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Error: Oops! Please edit the post - alter the copy/text, re-name the video file, and create a brand new post

Below, you'll find information for troubleshooting a common error that appears for Instagram posts. We've included more context around why the error happens to help prevent it from happening again. We've also included steps to fix the failed post and retry it in Buffer Publishing. 


This is going to happen when Instagram's anti-spam mechanism is triggered. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't offer more insight as to why posts are failing. Therefore, we don't have a foolproof way of guaranteeing that this error won't pop up from time to time.

Typically, when this error does occur, our recommendation is to amend the post wherever possible. This could be by editing and changing the copy/text of the post, editing hashtags, removing links, re-uploading the media, and trying to publish the post again.

⚠️ Specifically for video posts, when this pops up, we have seen the most success with re-naming the video file, creating a post from scratch, and re-uploading the video to Buffer.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Copy the caption from the failed post.
  2. Create a new post and paste caption in.
  3. Rename the video file to something like video1.
  4. Upload the newly renamed video to the newly created post.
  5. Try sending out the new post and delete the failed one.


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