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Scheduling retweets on the mobile app

Spacing out your tweets is a great way to avoid flooding your Twitter feed. Adding retweets to your queue within Buffer ensures you're still providing great content to your followers, but within your preset schedule, thus avoiding overwhelming them. To schedule retweets, you will need to have the Buffer browser extension installed.

📝 This article is designed to help users with the Buffer mobile app. All instructions and screenshots are taken from the iOS app, and any steps that are different on Android are noted. You can find the desktop version of this article here.

  1. Open the Twitter app and find a post you'd like to retweet. Tap the share icon at the bottom right of the tweet and then tap Share Tweet via.

  2. Tap the Buffer icon.

  3. The Buffer app will open, with the retweet already loaded into the composer. Feel free to add a comment to the retweet if you'd like to.

  4. Make sure you have your Twitter account selected to share the post to, by tapping the + icon at the top of the composer and then tapping your Twitter account. You'll then need to tap Done at the top right of your screen. On Android, you'll need to tap the back arrow at the top right of your screen.

  5. Once you're happy with your retweet, tap Share. Guidance on scheduling options can be found here.

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