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Scheduling Instagram stories on the mobile app

Instagram stories are a powerful channel to build your brand and engage customers. You can schedule them in advance on the Buffer mobile app, and you'll get a push notification when it's time to publish, with everything you need to complete your story on Instagram.

📝 This article is designed to help users with the Buffer mobile app. All instructions and screenshots are taken from the iOS app, and any steps that are different on Android are noted. You can find the desktop version of this article here.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Planning and scheduling your story
  2. Publishing your story

Planning and scheduling your story

  1. To get started, tap the round avatar icon at the top left of your screen and then select your Instagram account (if it's not already selected). Then, tap the Stories tab towards the top of your screen and tap Create a Story. On Android, you'll need to tap Schedule.

  2. Tap Add Media to choose the images and videos you'd like to include in your story. You can upload up to 10 media files within one story and you can select multiple images and videos at once.

  3. Tap Tap to add notes. This is where you can prepare your caption, or remind yourself to add stickers, polls, music, or hashtags to that part of your story. On Android, you'll need to tap Add your caption or note.

  4. Finally, tap Schedule. Choose the desired date and time to receive the reminder and we'll send a push notification to your phone at that time.

  5. You'll see your scheduled story in the Stories tab and can make adjustments to it up until it's due to be sent.

Publishing your story

  1. When it's time for your story to be published, you'll receive a push notification to your phone. Tapping the alert will bring you to a preview of your story within the Buffer mobile app. Start by tapping Open in Instagram.

    If you are posting a story with a single image, the Instagram app will open, with the first image or video loaded within the story creator screen.

    If you are posting a story with multiple images, the images will be saved to your phone's camera roll. You can tap the camera roll to select the image to include in your story.


  2. If you included notes for that piece of media when scheduling the story, head back over to the Buffer app, where you'll find your notes displayed. Tap Copy to copy the notes to your clipboard, allowing you to paste them into your story in the next step.

    Head back to the Instagram app. You can paste your notes to the story using the Aa option at the top right corner of your screen. You can make any other changes you like, such as adding locations, polls, text, etc.

  3. Once you're happy, tap Your story at the bottom left of your screen.

  4. Head back to the Buffer app and repeat these steps for the remainder of your images and videos.

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