Connecting your LinkedIn Profile or Page to Buffer Publish

In order to connect a LinkedIn Page (either a Company Page or a Showcase Page) to your Buffer Publish account, we'll need to authenticate through your personal LinkedIn Profile that has administrative privileges on the Page you're looking to connect. Learn more about LinkedIn Page permissions here. Whilst we authenticate your LinkedIn Pages through your personal Profile, we won't access your personal information or publish content on your Profile (unless you connect your LinkedIn Profile as a separate social account).

Connecting your LinkedIn Page or Profile

  1. We recommend first logging into your LinkedIn Profile that has administrative privileges on the Page you're looking to connect.

  2. In Publish, click Manage Social Accounts at the bottom of the left hand sidebar.

  3. Click Add a New Social Account and then click LinkedIn Profile or LinkedIn Page.

  4. Click Allow.

  5. If you chose to connect a LinkedIn Profile, it should now be connected. If you chose to connect a LinkedIn Page, click on the Page you'd like to connect.

Please note, whilst it is technically possible to connect a large number of LinkedIn Profiles to Publish, this is not recommended and can result in issues like account suspension (on LinkedIn’s side).

Social networks in general, but particularly LinkedIn and Facebook, have started to actively discourage personal Profiles being used for business and advertising purposes. They intend for personal Profiles to be approached and treated as independent, personal accounts, where the content shared is authentic and created/shared by the owner of the Profile.

If LinkedIn notice that duplicate content is being shared to lots of Profiles, they will often suspend those accounts. Suspensions are usually temporary, but will happen over and over again if the behaviour continues.

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