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Connecting your LinkedIn profile or page to Buffer

πŸ“ If you see that your social channel is marked as "Unavailable" (like this), checkout our article: Why channels are appearing as "Unavailable" when attempting to connect them to Buffer

You can schedule posts to your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Pages. You can also get detailed analytics on your posts to LinkedIn Pages. Here's how to connect them to Buffer.

In order to connect a LinkedIn Page (either a company Page or a showcase Page) to your Buffer account, we'll need to authenticate through your personal LinkedIn profile that has administrative privileges on the Page you're looking to connect. Learn more about LinkedIn Page permissions here. Whilst we authenticate your LinkedIn Pages through your personal profile, we won't access your personal information or publish content on your profile (unless you connect your LinkedIn profile as a separate channel). It is not possible to connect LinkedIn groups.

Connecting your LinkedIn profile or Page

  1. We recommend first logging into your LinkedIn profile. If connecting a Page, be sure the profile has the "Super Admin" role on the Page you're looking to connect.

  2. Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and then click Account from the drop down menu.

  3. Click the Channels option from the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

  4. Click LinkedIn. (If you already have channels connected, click Connect New Channel and then click LinkedIn.)


  5. Click LinkedIn ProfileΒ or LinkedIn Page then click Start Connecting.

  6. Sign into your profile (if you haven't already).

  7. Click Allow.

  8. Tick the box next to the profile or Page you'd like to connect and then click Add to Buffer.

⚠️ We don't recommend that multiple LinkedIn profiles be connected to Buffer. Please read more about this here.

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