Reconnecting a Facebook Group

Reconnecting a Facebook Group to Buffer Publish is a bit different from how we reconnect to other social accounts. Follow this guide to reconnect your Facebook Group.


  • You will need to complete these steps on a computer, as opposed to a mobile device. The settings that need to be changed in Facebook are not available on mobile.
  • You must be an Admin on the Group to reconnect. Learn more about Group roles here.
  • You must be signed into the same Facebook Profile that originally connected the Facebook Group to Buffer in order to reconnect.
  1. Click Manage Social Accounts at the bottom of the left hand sidebar.

  2. Find the Facebook Group and then click Reconnect.

  3. Sign into the Facebook Profile that has Admin access for the Group and that originally connected this Group to Buffer.

  4. Click Authorize Buffer on Facebook.

  5. A Facebook window will pop up. Do not click either choice at the bottom. Instead, just close the window ("x" icon in the top corner).

  6. You can now return to your Buffer dashboard and retry any failed posts.

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