Getting started with Buffer's analytics tool

Buffer's in-depth analytics tool allows you to measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports, and get recommendations to grow reach, engagement, and sales. Features include insights into posting behavior (e.g. which day is most effective to post, what kind of content is getting you the highest levels of engagement), a complete post breakdown with sorting, Instagram stories analysis tools, boosted post metrics, and the ability to create custom reports with PDF export.

🎥 Keen to see the analytics dashboard in action? View our tutorial videos here!

Our Help Center offers detailed how-to guides, along with helpful tips and best practices. Follow the guides below to get the most of the analytics tool.

  1. Connect your social channels and your Shopify store
  2. Check out your performance overview
  3. Get insight into individual posts you've shared
  4. Track the performance on your campaigns
  5. Understand how your Instagram stories are performing
  6. Review your audience demographics
  7. Answer questions about your social media strategy
  8. Create custom reports to share with your team

If you have a Publish Premium or Business plan with team members, your users will also have varying levels of access to the analytics tool. Learn more about how to get your users invited and up and running with Buffer's tools!

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