Reconnecting a social account in Buffer Analyze

Social accounts will become disconnected from Buffer Analyze from time to time. Whilst this can be frustrating, it's good to keep in mind that this is normal behaviour and is usually the result of the social network making a change to keep your account safe and secure.

Connections between Analyze and your social accounts require access tokens, which can expire for a number of reasons, including password changes and explicit lifespans of an access token.

Reconnecting your social account

Most commonly, social accounts only require a simple reconnection.

  1. Click Manage Accounts at the bottom left of your dashboard. Alternatively, click on your profile avatar at the top right of your dashboard and then click on Settings.

  2. The Analyze settings area will open in a new tab. Click the circular refresh icon next to the account you need to reconnect and follow the on-screen prompts.

Reauthorizing your Facebook or Instagram account

A simple reconnect won't always do the trick and your social account will instead need to be fully reauthorized. Follow the steps in this guide to reauthorize the connection between Buffer and Facebook.

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