Consolidating multiple Buffer Publish accounts

If you have lots of social channels to manage, it usually works best to have a Business plan subscription, so you can look after everything in one place. Our Small Business plan ($99/month) allows you to connect up to 25 channels in total. If you need more space, you might like to consider our Medium Business plan ($199/month), which has space for up to 50 channels, or our Large Business plan ($399/month), which has space for up to 150. The Business plans also have more advanced features compared to our Free and Pro plans.

However, it is also possible to have multiple accounts on smaller plans. For example, you might have five Pro plans, allowing you to manage a total of 40 channels, for a cost of $75/month. This would give you more overall space than one Small Business plan, but it wouldn’t be as efficient. Here’s a run down of the benefits of having one Business plan account, instead of multiple Free or Pro accounts:

  • There is no need to continually log in and out of each account. You only need to log into one account to be able to see everything in one place.
  • You can schedule more posts per channel on our Business plans than you can on our smaller plans.
  • You can invite additional users on our Business plans, to help you manage the content being shared to your social channels. You'll also have access to the drafts and approvals process.
  • You’ll be able to use Instagram reminders. Although this feature is available on all of our plans, including the Free plan, reminders are sent to the account that you’re currently logged into on your mobile. Since it’s not possible to log into multiple accounts on your mobile, reminders don’t work very well with this set up, since you might not be logged into the right account. If you have all of your Instagram accounts within one Buffer Publish account, reminders will work seamlessly!
  • You'll have access to more advanced features.

How to consolidate your accounts

If you currently have multiple Buffer accounts and you’re looking to consolidate, you'll need to decide which plan you'd like to upgrade to. This likely will come down to how many channels you're looking after in total, as well as how many users need access to the account. Check out all of our plans and pricing here.

A social channel can only be connected to one Buffer account at a time, so once you’ve decided which plan works best for you, you will need to remove the social channels from your old account, then reconnect them to the new account. 

📝 It is important to note that when you remove a social channel from your Buffer account, all posts and data associated with the channel will be lost. Please create a backup of any data you wish to keep before removing your channels.

Once you have reconnected all your social channels to your new Buffer account, it is advisable to delete the other Buffer account to avoid any confusion. Feel free to do that by following these steps.

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