What happens when you downgrade to the Buffer Publish Free plan

Your Buffer Publish account may be downgraded to the Free plan under the following circumstances:

  • You explicitly choose to downgrade from a paid plan to the Free plan.
  • You've been on a free trial of the Pro, Premium, or Business plan and you don't upgrade at the end of the trial.
  • You're on a paid plan but the credit card associated with your account expires, or a payment fails. In this case, we’ll send an email notice of that payment failure immediately, and we’ll retry processing the payment three times over a two week period. If the payment doesn’t succeed after those attempts, the account will automatically downgrade to the Free plan.

When your account is downgraded to the Free plan, you will then be within the limits of that plan. On the Free Plan, you're able to connect up to three social accounts, excluding Pinterest, which is not supported on the Free plan, and you're able to store up to 10 posts in your queue at any one time.

If you have more than three social accounts connected at the time of downgrading, the surplus social accounts will be locked. Locked social accounts remain connected to your account but are not usable. If you upgrade to a paid plan in the future, with space for the surplus social accounts, they will automatically unlock. You can also choose which social accounts are locked and unlocked by following the steps in this guide.

If a social account has more than 10 posts in the queue at the time of downgrading, all scheduled posts will continue to publish (unless it is a locked account). With the Free plan's 10 post limit, new posts can't be added to the queue until the total number of posts is below 10.

If your account has additional users at the time of downgrading, those users will also be locked from accessing any social accounts you'd invited them to, since additional users are not supported on the Free plan.

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