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Scheduling Twitter threads

Got a lot to say or a big announcement? You can now schedule Twitter threads using Buffer! With this feature, you can preview how your threads will look, queue your threads or schedule them for specific times, retweet and quote tweet, and add images, videos, and links.

📝 Twitter threads is available on our Free, Essentials, Team, and Agency plans. If you are a legacy customer on our Pro, Premium, or Business plans and would like to switch to our new pricing, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help! Learn more about why Twitter threads isn't available on our legacy plans here.

📝 Currently, it's only possible to create threads on the web version of Buffer. Mobile functions are limited to rescheduling or deleting Threads that have been created on the web.

To create a Twitter thread:

    1. Open the composer, select Twitter, and click “Create Post.”

    2. Compose the first tweet of your thread, then click the “+ Start Thread” button in the bottom right corner of the composer.

    3. Continue clicking the + sign to add more tweets to your thread.

    4. Once your thread is ready, you can “Save as Draft” or “Add to Queue,” just like other posts scheduled through Buffer.


📝 Good-to-Knows

  • Our Free Plan allows for one Twitter thread scheduled in the queue at a time per Twitter queue. However, you can add as many threads to your Drafts queue as you like. 
  • You are able to add up to 1 video or up to 4 images per tweet in the thread. These cannot be combined in the same tweet (e.g. a tweet with both an image and video attached).


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